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100+ Social Skills Activities For Preschoolers

Inside: 100 + social skills activities for preschoolers that teach them about manners, making and keeping friends, understanding their emotions, and more!

Social skills activities for preschoolers helps teach young children valuable social skills. There are many benefits to children developing pro-social skills. For instance, research indicates that academic success in the first few years of school is significantly based on the development of children’s social and emotional skills. When kids lack crucial social skills, it makes it difficult for them to learn.  For example, if a child struggles with listening and controlling their negative behaviors, focusing during class and retaining the information they are taught can be challenging.

Essential Social Skills For Preschoolers

Many kindergarten teachers report that in order for preschoolers to make a smooth transition to school, they need to have certain social and emotional skills. They need to be able to:

  • have positive relationships with peers
  • listen and follow directions
  • solve social problems
  • effectively communicate emotions
  • work well with others
  • use good manners

I’ve compiled a list of social skills activities for preschoolers to help teach young children how to get along with others, how to make and keep friends, and how to effectively communicate their emotions.  I hope you find this list of activities useful!

Feelings and Emotions Social Skills Activities For Preschoolers

social skills activities

  1. Feelings Identification Activities by Kiddie Matters
  2. Activities To Teach Kids About Feelings by Gift of Curiosity
  3. Emoji Feeling Faces: Feelings Recognition
  4. Identifying Feelings With Self Portraits by Still Playing School
  5. Free Printable Inside Out Bingo Game by Carrie Elle
  6. Lego Emotion Themed ‘I-Spy’ Game w/Free Printable by And Next Comes L
  7. 5 Circle Time Lessons About Emotions by No Time For Flash Cards
  8. Feelings Activities & Fun Ideas For Kids by Childfun
  9. Playful Activities to Help Kids Learn About Feelings by Play Dr.Mom
  10. Books About Emotions For Preschool by Pre-K Pages
  11. Tools For Teaching Emotions In Kids by Laughing Kids Learn
  12. Musical Feelings Games by Fumbling Through Parenthood
  13. Inside Out Feelings Tic Tac Toe by The Creative Social Worker
  14. Best Empathy Games, Apps, and Websites For Kids by Common Sense Media
  15. Printable Emotion Cards for Preschoolers by From ABCs To ACTs
  16. Paper Plate Emotion Masks by No Time For Flash Cards
  17. Preschool Feelings Theme by Lanie’s Little Learners
  18. Teaching Emotions With Songs, Activities, and Games by Testy Yet Trying
  19. Happy Sad Sorting by The Princess And The Tot
  20. Emotion Story Stones For Kids by Where Imagination Grows
  21. Helping Kids Identify Mood by Kori At Home
  22. Emotion Matching Game by B-Inspired Mama
  23. Free Printable Emotions Board Game by Life Over C’s
  24. Color My Feelings by Teach Beside Me
  25. Discussing Emotions With Pasta Faces by Having Fun At Chelle’s House

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Social Skills Activities For Preschoolers To Build Listening Skills

communication skills activity

  1. Free Conversation Game by Speech Paths
  2. Listening Activities w/ Blocks by Hands On As We Grow
  3. Make Popsicle Puppets and Practice Communication by Education.com
  4. Play Musical Statues by Education.com
  5. Ways To Support Children’s Listening Skills by Sing Dance Play Learn
  6. Do Three Things Listening Game-by Exploration Laboratories
  7. Following Directions And Listening Game: Teacher Says! by Coffee Cups and Crayons
  8. 20 Listening Games And Activities For Preschoolers by Virtual Speech Center
  9. Back To Back; Ear To Ear: A Language and Listening Game by Mosswood Connections
  10. Do As I Say, Not As I Do by Mosswood Connections
  11. Teach Kids To Follow Directions With Relay Races by Coffee Cups and Crayons
  12. Following Directions Grid Game by Kids Activities Blog
  13. Five Playful Ways To Work On Listening Skills by Playing With Words 365
  14. Following Directions Lessons by Elementary School Counseling
  15. Can You Draw Something You Can’t See by Nurture Store
  16. Following Directions Game by One Stop Counseling Shop
  17. Free Following Directions Activities by Learning Specialist Materials
  18. Put On Your Listening Ears by Stories by Storie
  19. Free Printable Simon Says Game by 730 Sage Street
  20. Listening And Learning Activities With Pete The Cat by Kathy Griffin’s Teaching Strategies

Friendship Social Skills Activities For Preschoolers


  1. How To Be A Friend by Gifts of Curiosity
  2. How To Play With Friends w/free printable by Powerful Mothering
  3. Leonardo The Terrible Monster (How To Be a Good Friend Activity and Game by The OT Toolbox
  4. Friendship Crafts, Activities, and Printables by Kids Soup
  5. Pass The Ice Cream: Sharing Activity for Preschoolers by Sunny Day Family
  6. Friendship Art by Munchkins And Mom
  7. Kindness Postcards by Growing Book By Book
  8. Friendship: Exploring Being A Friend by The Kinder Corner
  9. 10 Books About Making Friends by Growing Book by Book
  10. The Rainbow Fish Book: Activities, Staff, and Snacks by Mom On Time Out
  11. Free Taking Turns And Sharing Songs And Rhymes by Bits of Positivity
  12. Good Behavior Games For Preschool by Parents.com
  13. Pony Bead Friendship Reminder Bracelet Craft by The PreSchool Toolbox
  14. Our Friendship Flower by Dream A World
  15. Hands Are Not For Hitting by Rhinestones & Pinecones
  16. Free Friendship Resources by Whimsy Workshop Teaching
  17. Teaching Kids The Keys To Friendship by Simple At Home
  18. Friendship Tree by Primary Displays
  19. Teaching Social Emotional Skills With A Solutions Chart by Littlest Scholars
  20. Free Social Story: Being A Good Friend by Miss Allison’s Class
  21. Games For Teaching Boundaries by eHow
  22. Kindness Scavenger Hunt by Kiddie Matters

Teamwork/Cooperation Social Skills Activities For Preschoolers

social skills activities

  1. Five Activities That Promote Teamwork  by Teach Preschool
  2. Group Art Activity: Tennis Ball Painting by Anna Reyner
  3. Roll The Ball by PreK and K Sharing
  4. Team Puzzle Play by Simple Home Blessing
  5. The Peanut Game by Education.com
  6. Team Building Activities For Kids by Kid’s Activities Blog
  7. Bean Sort Easy Activity by Busy Toddler
  8. Matching Paths by Busy Toddler
  9. 9 Cooperative Games For Preschoolers 
  10. Best Cooperative Games For Noncompetitive Kids by My Little Poppies
  11. Social Time by Mrs. Winter’s Bliss
  12. Preschool Engineering by Handmade Kid’s Art
  13. Team Building Games by Tickled Pink In Primary
  14. Parachute Play In Preschool by Teach Preschool
  15. Race To Fill The Cup by Frugal Fun For Boys And Girls

Good Manners Social Skills Activities For Preschoolers


  1. Manners Matter Freebie by The Helpful Counselor
  2. Minding Our Manners by Sherbees
  3. Fun Activities That Teach Manners by How Does She
  4. Free Manners Printable Pack by Kori At Home
  5. Good Manners Themes and Activities by Child Care Lounge
  6. The Manners Song by DLTK Growing Together
  7. Teaching Kids Manners by The Relaxed Homeschool
  8. Little Mandy Manners (video) by Tiny Grads
  9. Free Manners matching Cards by Deb@Living Montessori Now
  10. Let’s Learn Manners Printable Pack by To The Moon And back Blog
  11. Monster Manners Game by File Folder Fun
  12. Manners Social Stories And Activities by Special Needs For Special Kids
  13. Games That Teach Kids Good Manners by How To Adult
  14. Can You Teach My Alligator Manners (Online Game) by Disney Junior
  15. Free Behavior Sort Cards by Mrs. Ricca’s Kindergarten

Decision Making Social Skills Activities For Preschoolers

social skills games

  1. Tattling Vs. Reporting File Folder Sorting Game by Kiddie Matters
  2. I Am A Bucket Filler by Kiddie Matters
  3. Making Good Choices by Pocket Of Preschool
  4. Making Good Choices At School by Peace, Love, and Learning
  5. Life’s Good Choices And Bad Sorting Activity by Miss Pentagirl Kinderpuzzle
  6. Teaching Kids About Respect by Kiddie Matters
  7. Choosing Good Friends by Your Life Uncommon
  8. Lego People Challenge by You Clever Monkey
  9. What Pet Should I Get Decision Making and Graphing Preschool Activity  by Playground Parkbench
  10. Should I Share My Ice Cream by Views From A Step Stool


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