Emoji Feeling Faces: Feelings Recognition

Emoji Feeling Faces Feelings Recognition

I’m always on the hunt for fun and engaging ways to teach kids about their feelings.  Children experience a wide range of emotions on a daily basis.  They are better able to manage their emotions when they can name and express what they are feeling.

The activities and worksheets in this resource are designed to help young children recognize and discuss their feelings.  Here’s what you will receive in this packet.

Emoji Feelings Check Up Sheet

Children can use this Emoji Feelings Check Up worksheet to track how they are feeling. Since many children struggle with articulating their feelings, a feelings chart can help them express themselves in a non-threatening way.  This worksheet is also in black and white.

Emoji Feelings Chart Feelings Faces

This Emoji Feelings Faces Chart helps children practice feelings recognition with popular emoji faces. (Available in black and white as well).

Emoji Feeling Faces Christmas Treeas Tree

You will need Emoji stickers to complete the Emoji Feeling Faces Christmas Tree worksheet.  You can find emoji stickers online at Amazon, the Dollar Tree, or at Five Below.  This is a great feelings recognition activity for the holidays!



These feeling faces are meant to be attached to Popsicle sticks for a fun feelings recognition activity! All you need to do is cut out the feelings faces and glue them on to Popsicle sticks.  Next, write what emotion the feeling face represents on the Popsicle stick.  Here’s an example:

Emoji Feeling Faces: Emotion Recognition

You can have kids randomly select an emotion and act it out while you (or other kids) try to guess the emotion they are acting out.  You can also discuss hypothetical situations and ask them how it would make them feel.  Additionally, you can use these as a means to check in on how kids are feeling.

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