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Easy DIY Kid’s Dream Catcher


dreamcatcherLast year, one of my goals was to get my six-year old son to regularly sleep in his own room. You can read more about how I did this here.

We finally started seeing progress, and then out of nowhere, he began having nightmares. We wanted him to feel safe, but we didn’t want him to get comfortable sleeping in our room again.  Getting our son to return to his room became priority Numero Uno!

We tried a few things. Nightlights, calming music, sleeping in his bed next to him—nothing worked. Finally, I decided to see if making a dream catcher with him would do the trick.

I use to make dream catchers when I worked with children who had experienced trauma and were coping with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). They did wonders for many children and were a great source of comfort. I figured if it worked for them, why not give it a shot. To my delight, it worked! He has been able to sleep in his own room for the last two weeks and only needed us to come sit with him for two nights during that two week period.


Here’s how we made our dream catchers…

What you will need:

dreamcatcher supply

-Paper plate
-Pony Beads
-Hole Puncher

Step by Step Directions:

easy dream catcherThe kids were very proud of their creations and happily put them above their beds to keep nightmares and monsters away.

dreamcatcher bed

Happy crafting!

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Easy DIY Kids Dream Catcher

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