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St. Patrick’s Day Feelings Identification Activity

This St. Patrick’s Day Feelings Identification Activity is a fun way to get kids to practice identifying and expressing their feelings. Many times we focus on how kids are doing academically and neglect their social and emotional development.  We assume that social and emotional skills will come automatically.  Unfortunately, identifying and expressing their feelings doesn’t come easy for all kids. Some kids must be taught how to do so.

Our goal with this St. Patrick’s Day Feelings Identification resource is to provide parents, teachers, and counselors with a fun and engaging product to enhance children’s social and emotional development.



The set up for this feelings identification activity is simple.  First, you will want to download the St. Patrick’s Day Feelings Activity resource. You’ll also need construction paper, scissors, crayons/colored pencils/markers, and a glue stick to complete this activity. After you’ve gathered all your materials, simply follow the directions on the printable.  Your finished project will look like the image below.

St. Patrick's DayFeelings Identification Activity

My younger kids enjoy doing this activity because they get a chance to cut, color, AND paste! I enjoy it because I can get them to open up and talk about their feelings without them feeling uncomfortable or like they are in the ‘hot seat.’  It’s so much easier to get kids to talk when their hands are busy doing something else.  It really does ease the anxiety some kids feel when they have to talk to adults.

As the kids work on finding the match for the feelings identification activity, I ask them to describe a time they felt the feeling they found a match for.  For instance, when they found the match for the sad emoji feeling face. they had to tell about a time they felt sad.

St. Patrick's Day Feelings Identification Activity

Some kids found specific questions to be too personal so I asked them a more general question such as ‘what are some things that would make people sad?’ When they didn’t have to talk about their feelings specifically, these kids spoke freely and came up with several different scenarios.

The St Patrick’s Day Feelings Identification Activity also comes with some fun print and go feelings identification worksheets.

St. Patrick's Day Feelings Identification

When we teach kids to accurately identify and label their emotions, we give them the language needed to communicate how they are feeling inside. This increases the likelihood of kids using their words to express themselves when they are upset instead of throwing a tantrum or bottling their feelings up inside.

I hope you find this St. Patrick’s Day Feelings Identification Activity helpful! You might also like the following social emotional resources:



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