How to make a calm down glow jar

Children are under all sorts of pressures these days. At school they have to worry about standardized tests, bullying and peer pressure.  When they get home, some children are faced with even more stressors.

Wouldn’t it be nice to help your child or student release some tension and get back to having fun?  Sometimes the best way to nurture a stressed out child is to give them some attention and engage them in something fun.

Below is an activity that any child will enjoy.  They will get to spend time with you and at the end of that time, they will have a fun keepsake to help them de-stress anytime they need to unwind.

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Making a Glo-Be calm down jar














Supplies you will need:

*Glow in the dark paint (can be found at Walmart in arts and crafts department and at craft stores like Michael’s). 

*Jar (baby food jar, Mason jar, plastic empty peanut butter jar, etc.)

*Fine glitter

*Figurine and other decorations

*Hot glue gun or super glue

*Paint brush

Step 1: Glue figurine to lid

blue superman figurine


















Choose your favorite figurine that you want to go inside the jar.  Glue the figurine to the inside of the lid and let dry. You can also glue glitter on or paint the inside of the lid with glow in the dark paint.

Step 2: Paint jar with glow in the dark paint

AC painting jar


















Paint the inside of your jar with glow in the dark paint. You can also decorate your jar with additional items to build a scene in the jar.  Creating a scene allows the child to use their imagination and come up with a story of what is going on inside the jar.  My son’s jar theme was Superman being trapped in cryptonite.  He added green pom poms to represent the cryptonite.

Step 3: Add glitter (optional)

AC glitter




















My little princess loves glitter and we had to add it to her calm down jar.  Sprinkle the desired amount of glitter you want.  I put enough just to make it sparkle. It’s much easier to get the glitter to stick if you sprinkle it on immediately after you paint the jar. After you put glitter in the jar, roll the jar on its side to distribute the glitter inside the jar.

Step 4: Tighten lid on jar

Calm down glow

Tightly screw lid on to the jar, dim the lights and enjoy! (You can turn on a black light for an even more glowy effect).

Why make a Glo-Be Jar

Once you have successfully created a Glo-Be calm down jar, the uses are endless. Here are some ways I’ve used the Glo-Be jar:

  • As part of a calm down center for when children are overwhelmed with their feelings
  • During individual counseling sessions. In my experience, most children hate talk therapy because it can feel like an interrogation. Having a conversation with them while they are engaged in a task makes them more at ease. And as a bonus, they leave the session with a piece of art they created!
  • While working with children who are victims of trauma. Making a Glo-Be is very therapeutic and soothing. Since the Glo-Be glows in the dark, children can use it as a night light. Some children just feel safe and comforted having the Glo-Be, especially if they made it with someone they share a positive, nurturing relationship with.
  • As a fun craft for my own children. Making a Glo-Be is a fun activity to do with kids. They will enjoy the time spent together and kids love things that glow in the dark!


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  1. Just want to say this was such an amazing craft to do with both my children ages 4 an 16 and my 16 yr old was in need of a sensory calm down jar like this. Can’t say enough thanks to you for sharing this. A big thanks from Idaho.

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