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Learning Activities That Teach Children About Respect

Learnimg Activities That Teach Children About Respect

Since children are not born knowing how to show respect for others, it is important that we teach them the important character trait of being respectful.

In an effort to teach children how to be respectful, I created Good Character: Learning How To Show Respect for use with children in Pre-Kindergarten-2nd grade.

This activity bundle defines and explains respect through the use of a fun mini book that comes in both color and black and white.

Learning Activities That Teach Children About Respect

This product also contains a fun behavior sort game that helps kids identify disrespectful and respectful behavior. Additionally, you can discuss with kids why certain behaviors are not respectful and what they can do instead while you are playing the behavior sort game.

Learning Activities That Teach Children About Respect

Good Character: Learning How to Show Respect also includes 4 posters that teach children how to show respect at home, at school, with friends, and to self.

I’ve decided to share two Character Education Respect Poster Freebie exclusively with my Kiddie Matter’s readers so you can sample the product .  If you like the freebie, you can get the full product from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store!\

Thanks and enjoy!

Graphics by: Whimsy Clips and Educlips

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