5 Fun Indoor Play Date Activities For PreSchoolers

When it comes to play dates, you don’t need structured activities for the kids to have fun. Children have a good time playing with virtually anything.  However, once in a while I like to jazz things up a bit and entertain the kids.  Here are a few play date activities that can help you do the same.

Indoor Pool Party


For this activity you will need to fill a wading/baby pool with several plastic balls. When my daughter was eighteen months or so, I would fill the pool with balls and she and her friends would sit and play. Now that she is a little older, we got a little creative and incorporated some variations:

  • Ball Sort. The children sort the balls by color. This is a great way to help them learn to work together and learn their colors.
  • Ball Toss. In this activity the kids toss the balls into a bin. Kids love getting a chance to throw anything. Watch as your little one giggles in glee. In addition to being fun, this game can also strengthen hand-eye coordination.
  • Shape Treasure Hunt. Fill a large bin with plastic balls and hide plastic shape toys under the balls. Have the kids dig for the shapes. (You can bury other things in the bin if you choose).

Arts and crafts


Kids love creating things. Provide them with varying art supplies and let their creativity lead the way. Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, Lee finger painted a heart  on foil paper.  Check out these other cool ideas for painting with different textures.

Water table fun


If you already have a water table then you are ahead of the game. If not, all you need is a large plastic bin or a kitchen sink. Fill your container with water, add some blue food coloring and some toys. Things might get a little messy, but the fun the children will have is priceless.

Snow Play


I use to do this activity years ago when I worked in daycare. Kids love to play in snow. However, sometimes it’s too cold or too uncomfortable after all the bundling up for them to play outside. Don’t fret, bring the snow to them! Gather some clean snow in a bin and bring it inside. Give the kids some toys and let the fun begin.

Dress Up and Pretend Play


Costumes are always a hit with kids.  If I would let her, Lee would wear her princess costume everywhere.  For your next play date, gather up some costumes or ask your guests to bring their own.  The kids will have a blast simply wearing and admiring each others costume.

The key to having a successful play date is making sure the children have fun.  Feel free to add these play date activities to your bag of tricks.

Do you ever plan play date activities?  If so what play date activities do you enjoy doing with your child and their friends?

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Fun Indoor Playdate Activities For PreSchoolers

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