The Mighty Knights: Sapphire’s Castle Brings Diversity To Children’s Books

I recently received two children’s book for review. The books are The Mighty Knights and The Mighty Knights: Sapphire’s Castle. Both books are written by Peter J. Clark and illustrated by Kory Fluckiger.


 Disclosure: Peter J. Clark sent me copies of these books in exchange for my honest review and help promoting Sapphire’s Castle Relaunch. All opinions in my review are my own and I did not receive any other compensation. 

Let’s take a look at The Mighty Knights first.  The Mighty Knights is a children’s adventure book about two courageous young boys who awaken to loud growls in the middle of the night.  The boys encounter and defeat a fire breathing dragon under the kitchen sink.

The illustrations in this book are bold and colorful.  The pictures immediately drew my sons in. They loved the action and adventure of the story and asked me to read it to them several times.  Below are a few pictures from the book:

mighty knights inside2


mighty knights inside

The Mighty Knights: Sapphire’s Castle is another children’s adventure book. The story is about a Black female heroine who defeats a dragon with her friend.

sapphire photo2

The Mighty Knights:Sapphire’s Castle is filled with attention grabbing/keeping illustrations. The story is one that both parents and children alike can enjoy. I especially like The Mighty Knights: Sapphire’s Castle because the author used a female heroine which is pretty rare in children’s adventure book.  Here are some pictures from the book.  Don’t you just love the illustration?!!!

sapphire photo

Overall I enjoyed the diversity of characters that Peter Clark uses in his books. . As an African American parent and as a clinician that works with children of color, I’ve seen firsthand the positive effects that reading a book with characters that look like them can have on children of color.

If your child is into action and adventure then these books will not disappoint.  Be prepared to act some scenes out!

Currently you can get both books from the author’s Kickstarter campaign! Consider making a donation on Kickstarter!   Both books are great resources and it really teaches children that anyone can be a hero.  What;s not to love about that!!

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