20 Family Reflection Questions To Discuss For The New Year

The New Year is filled with promises and the possibilities seem endless.  However, before we begin to chase down the promises of the new year, it’s probably a good idea to reflect on the previous year to see what worked and what didn’t.

This year my focus is on strengthening my family.  My oldest starts middle school next year and I know that at this age, kids tend to want to listen to their friends as opposed to their uncool and outdated parents.

This is why this year our goal is to put a great deal of focus on nurturing our family.  In order to take stock of how our family is doing and what areas need improvement, we sat down and answered these reflection questions.  The process was amazing and provided so much insight into what our family’s strengths and weaknesses are.

I’ve compiled a list of family reflection questions below and I truly hope that your family finds this exercise useful!  Happy New Year!


20 Reflection Questions To Discuss With Your Family In The New Year

1. What was an important lesson you learned from your family this year?
2. What did your family accomplish this year that you are most proud of?
3. What was the biggest disappointment for your family this year?
4. What do you wish you had done more of as a family this past year?
5. What are you most grateful for this past year?
6. Pick three words to describe this past year with your family.
7. What was your favorite family vacation?
8. What do you want your family to do differently next year?
9. What are some things your family did right that you want to continue in the New Year?
10. What obstacles did your family face this past year?
11. What is your favorite memory from this past year of spending time with your family?
12. What did your family do this year that they have never done before?
13. How was your family supportive this past year?
14. How can your family be more supportive in the New Year?
15. What does your family need to do more of in the New Year?
16. What does your family need to do less of in the New Year?
17. How did you treat family members this last year?
18. How can you improve your relationships with family members in the New Year?
19. What did you do this year with your family that you will remember for the rest of your life?
20. What did you love most about being in your family this past year?

 Download 20 Reflection Questions and 20 Reflection Cards as a free PDF!

How to Use Reflection Sheet and Reflection Cards

Both the Reflection Sheet and Reflection Cards have the same questions. I like to complete the reflection sheet with the family because that way every member gets to hear each others’ perspective on how the year went. Plus it gives me a chance to remember activities and experiences I forgot about.

The reflection cards are great because you can make a game out of it. Place the cards in a hat, be festive and make it a ‘Happy New Years’ hat, then go around in a circle and have each family member pick a card to answer.

You can even use the answers from your reflection sheet to guide the family goals the family comes up with. We’ll talk more about making family goals and how to build a family legacy in the upcoming Kiddie Matters’ blog series, How To Create A Family Legacy Plan.

Hope you enjoyed!  Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!

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  1. Thank you so much! This is the first year I thought to do something like this. My kids are older high school, but this still will be thoughtful and interesting to do. I even printed copies for my friends and a few neighbors. God bless you.

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