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Making Inside Out Memory Orbs with Plastic Easter Eggs

After watching Disney’s Inside Out for what seems like the millionth time, we decided to make plastic Easter Egg Inside Out Memory Orbs.  The kids are fascinated with the Memory Orbs from the movie so it didn’t take much to convince them to do this activity.

In case you’re not familiar with Memory Orbs, they are important objects from the Disney Pixar movie Inside Out.  The Orbs hold the memories of the person they belong to. They come in different colors and each color represents a specific emotion.  For instance, yellow for Joy, blue for Sadness, green for Disgust, purple for Fear, and red for Anger. (It’s important that kids have a good understanding of the five feelings discussed in Inside Out before completing this activity). These Emoji Feeling Faces Cards are excellent for helping kids identify and label feelings.

Feelings Slap

The plastic Easter egg Inside Out Memory Orbs activity helps kids think about and discuss their feelings in a non-threatening way. This activity can also be modified to explore grief and loss issues with children.  Making Memory Orbs is a great way to remember and honor a loved one.

How to Make Plastic Easter Egg Inside Out Memory Orbs

To create plastic Easter egg Inside Out Memory Orbs you will need yellow, red, blue, purple, and green plastic Easter eggs, paper, and a pen or pencil.  We didn’t have any red eggs on hand so we applied red tissue paper with Modge Podge on a few plastic eggs.  There’s no need to go crazy looking for a red egg.  However if just have to have it, you can purchase red plastic Easter eggs on Amazon.

Next, give kids strips of paper to jot down things, people, or experiences that led them to feel joy, sadness, fear, anger, and disgust.  We kept our answers related to Easter.  The kids had to come up with something about Easter that made them feel each of the five emotions.

Plastic Easter Egg Inside Out Memory Orbs

After the kids finish writing their memories down, roll up the pieces of paper and put them into the plastic Easter eggs.  I chose not to correct my daughter’s spelling.  It will be cool for her to see how much her spelling and handwriting improved when she opens her plastic Easter egg Inside Out Memory Orbs next Easter.

Plastic Easter Egg Inside Out Memory Orbs Plastic Easter Egg Inside Out Memory Orbs

After the kids put their memories inside the Memory Orbs, they can then put them way and read them in six months or a year from when they made them. As mentioned earlier, we plan on opening our Memory Orbs next Easter.  Until then we will store them neatly away in a basket.

Plastic Easter Egg Inside Out Memory Orbs

These plastic Easter egg Inside Out Memory Orbs  can also be used with grieving kids.  Have kids write memories they have of their loved one that passed away on slips of paper.  They can then place the memory in the plastic egg that best represents how the memory makes them feel. For kids who are dealing with loss through divorce, they can write memories of when their family all lived together.

When the kids are done writing their memories, it’s important to process it with them.  Ask them how the memory makes them feel? Do they feel more than one emotion? Remind them that the feelings they are experiencing are normal and it’s alright to feel multiple emotions.  You can let kids keep their eggs in a special box.  That way they can take it out on those days they miss their loved ones. It helps if you let them decide how they want to store their Memory Orbs!

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Plastic Easter Egg Memory Orbs

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